Lorde’s Sunny New Single a Lesson in Patience

“Lorde has said she was ‘waiting for the right moment’ to release her comeback single, Solar Power, and opted for 11 June to coincide with the year’s only solar eclipse,” Laura Snapes writes for The Guardian.

“Pop stars, especially young women, are expected to be available, relatable, always on,” Snapes writes. “Lorde has defied this with an old-school release rate (just three albums in nine years) and such a low-key public presence that a recent update of her Instagram account on which she reviews onions rings generated headlines.

“With Solar Power, Lorde both welcomes you into her world and revels in that distance. Produced – as was 2017’s Melodrama – by Jack Antonoff, it might be her most universal song, hippy in sound and spirit, and a world away from its nocturnal predecessors.

“She draws a distinct line in the sand around her territory, protecting the freedom, privacy and time that are most likely the true source of her renewable energy – precious commodities in the pop world that the industry could do better to protect.”

Original article by Laura Snapes, The Guardian, June 11, 2021.

Photo by Universal Media/You Tube.

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