London’s Calling in First Trailer for Peter Jackson’s Mortal Engines

The first full trailer for Peter Jackson-produced Mortal Engines has been released, reports Abid Rahman for The Hollywood Reporter. In the trailer the city of London is “causing all sorts of global bother — in a very undignified and un-British manner.”

“Based on the steampunk-infused, dystopic novels of Peter Reeve, the pic tells the story of a future where the world’s major cities are mechanized vehicles that prey on smaller traction towns in a struggle dubbed the ‘survival of the fastest’”, reports the article.

Mortal Engines “is a long-held passion project for Jackson, who snaffled up the movie rights about a decade ago,” as reported in the NZ Herald.

“I read books that sound intriguing and interesting but the vast majority of the time I don’t charge out and buy the film rights. I just enjoy it and move on, Jackson told the NZ Herald.

“But what I always go on is if I read a book and say, ‘I’d love to see this film’. The easiest way for me to see it is to buy the rights and make it. That sounds simplistic but that’s actually pretty much how it works.”

Mortal Engines, which was shot entirely in New Zealand, was directed by Jackson’s longtime Kiwi collaborator Christian Rivers.

The Universal and MRC film “was written and produced by Jackson and Fran Walsh, with fellow Hobbit scribe Philippa Boyens also on board as screenwriter,” reports the article.

Article Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Abid Rahman, June 5, 2018

Image Source: Youtube

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