Life Coach Despina Nicola Dared to Begin

New Zealand-born life coach and author Despina Nicola says we are the product of our choices – which is pretty hard-hitting stuff for anyone who’s overwhelmed and looking for someone to blame. But then Dare To Begin: The Process of Healing is no ordinary self-help book, and it’s author no ordinary woman, according to the Cyprus Mail.

Having survived a horrific marriage, repatriation to Cyprus, and the struggle to raise her two daughters all while maintaining a business and attending university, Nicola is well-qualified to write about just what it takes to turn around an out-of-control existence.

Focusing on an exploration of the victim response and how it “leaves you in pieces”, Dare To Begin is a highly practical guide to picking up what’s left and starting over – but this time in a healthy way.

Dealing with relationships, work, family and wellbeing, the author draws on her own hardships to guide the reader through a clearly defined step-by-step transformation plan of healing and enlightenment … With, according to fans of the book, great success.

“Despina’s personal touches and inspirational quotes were an invaluable tool to overcoming my struggles,” says one reviewer, who found the text “thought-provoking and very well written.”

Original article by Cyprus Mail, April 27, 2017.

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