Korean-New Zealander April Kwak off to the UN

Tri-lingual public servant, and scholarship-winning, Korean New Zealander April Hyorin Kwak, 23, is heading to the United Nations in New York, where she will intern at the Department of Safety and Security.

Kwak will be working in legal and policy areas at the department, which looks after the safety and security of its operations around the world.

“This will be a chance for me, to introduce New Zealand’s culture and strengths to an international stage,” Kwak said.

“I want to learn how international organizations operate and build my skills and knowledge in the sector, I also want to expose myself to and witness the diverse cultures, expertise, and bring any lessons back to New Zealand.”

Kwak, a graduate policy adviser at the Ministry of Transport in Wellington, wants to pursue a career involving international legal and economic policy works and believes the internship experience will be of help.

Kwak wants to share her story to inspire other young migrants, and even refugees, with similar aspirations and career goals.

“I came from South Korea, went to a local school and was raised up by my parents who are just like other diligent migrants who endeavoured to provide safe and good environment to me and my younger brother by giving up their stable jobs and family and friends in Korea,” she said.

Kwak’s internship in New York starts on 3 September.

Original article by Vornia Vieira, The New Zealand Herald, August 10, 2018.

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