Juliette MacIver Writes Romping Rhyme for Kids

“‘When darkness falls in rising mist, Beware the gruesome grizzled grist.’ Watch little smiles light up when they get their hands on this fun-filled picture book featuring a school trip that turns into a gorgeously grizzly adventure,” Lancashire Post journalist Pam Norfolk writes in a review of New Zealand-born Juliette MacIver’s children’s book, The Grizzled Grist Does Not Exist!.

“Written in a romping rhyming verse by MacIver, and stunningly illustrated by talented Aussie artist Sarah Davis, this exuberant read-aloud story positively fizzes with wordplay and madcap energy,” Norfolk writes. “And little ones will delight in finding Liam and spotting the elusive Grizzled Grist as they follow Davis’ lively and colourful illustrations.

“The award-winning creators of That’s Not a Hippopotamus work their special magic again on this wonderfully playful and charming tale which features a picture perfect story [and] laughs galore.”

Original article by Pam Norfolk, Lancashire Post, October 27, 2022.

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