JP Pomare’s Debut Rated Highly by The Guardian

“Excellent characterisation and the ability to conjure [a] cliquey, insecure adolescent world … add up to an immersive and exciting read,” Laura Wilson writes in a review of New Zealand author JP Pomare’s debut novel, Call Me Evie, which is included in the publication’s roundup of the best recent crime and thriller books.

“Missing teenager Kate narrates her own story in Call Me Evie,” Wilson writes. “Hidden away in a rural community, she’s trying to escape from a controlling older man who claims that he is helping her evade the police after a violent incident, the details of which she cannot recall. Jim (not his real name) grows ever more paranoid as Kate slowly pieces together what really happened, but it isn’t entirely clear whom we should believe.”

Pomare is originally from Rotorua. He now lives in Melbourne.

Original article by Laura Wilson, The Guardian, April 26, 2019.

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