John Scott’s Werry/Francis Houses Make New Book

The sunlit spaces of a mid-century modern family home in Greytown, designed by the late architect John Scott, are captured in images by photographer Mary Gaudin.

Gaudin, a New Zealander who lives in the south of France, took the photos for new book Werry/Francis Houses, a photo-essay booklet she created with fellow New Zealander, London-based architect Giles Reid. Comprising 36 pages, it offers an intimate portrait of a property built by the renowned Hawke’s Bay architect in the 1970s.

Made up of a main house and an annexe, named Werry and Francis respectively, the North Island property riffs on traditional cottage architecture, with its pitched ceilings, white concrete masonry and timber beams.

Doors go up to the ceiling and it has low-ceilinged window seating areas which form retreat-like spaces offering views of the garden.

“It had an atmosphere,” explained Reid, who stumbled across the house while he was visiting the area a few years ago. “It was completely untouched and had been lovingly preserved.”

“It is made from humble materials, but it is intelligently designed. Time has been spent on the design and this appealed to me a lot.”

Although Scott’s most influential work is the Futuna Chapel in Wellington, most of his buildings are private homes located around the Hawke’s Bay area. “He was prolific and was known for creating robust, single houses,” Reid said.

“The booklet is a reflection, an interlude,” he added. “Scott spent a lot of time on his houses, it is nice thing to stop and look at.”

Original article by Claire Carponen, Dezeen, February 22, 2019.

Photo by Mary Gaudin.

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  • Stephen John Brockett - 11:33 am on March 7th, 2019
    I suggest a viewing of John Scott’s Havelock North design the Roman Catholic ,Our Lady of Lourdes church.Set on a delightful corner site ,intersected by a small stream, this religious structure incorporates some very interesting beam engineering supporting the roof.The whole building includes interesting use of materials light and sympathy with it’s Hawke’s Bay environment. A classic Scott.
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