Jereme Aubertin Makes Surf Photo Comp Semifinals

New Zealander Jereme Aubertin has been named one of 10 semifinalists competing for the 2015 Follow The Light Photography grant, the most prestigious competition in surf photography.

Aubertin, who took the picture above in the Caitlins, “used epic dreamy lineups of perfect wedges – portraying the feeling of scouting for surf and adventure – to show off [his] body of work.”

Unlike photography contests where best photo wins, the Follow The Light grant is different in that the photographers are judged on both their photography skill and a written essay.

Aubertin explained the image for Corona’s “Behind the Shot” feature: “I woke at around 6.30am in the freezing cold and looked out the icy windows of our camper van to see the sun just peeping its head over the horizon, breaking through the haze and sea mist. The weather can be so changeable down in the Roaring 40s so I traded the warmth of my sleeping bag for an early morning walk around the bay and a few clicks of my camera while the rest of the crew slept. The landscape and scenery in the South Island really is some of the best you’ll ever see.”

Aubertin works for Damaged Goods magazine.

Original article by Peter Taras, Surfing Magazine, June 25, 2015.

Photo by Jereme Aubertin.

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