Intergalactic Gary a Visionary Selector

“Since the early 1980s, [New Zealand-born] John Scheffer has established himself not only as an esteemed selector and master of his craft, but as an artist who has dedicated his life to weaving music together in ways incomprehensible to most. As Intergalactic Gary, the Netherlands-residing visionary has been DJing for over three decades and is one of the most revered figures within the underground scene,” UK electronic music and clubbing publication Mixmag reports.

“Having honed his DJing skills from an early age via clubs and parties held in The Hague, Scheffer struck an early friendship with I-F, another acclaimed artist whose skills behind a mixer and two turntables are second-to-none. Together they produced under the alias The Parallax Corporation and their knowledge of electronic music is as vast as it is diverse.

“One of the main appeals when it comes to an Intergalactic Gary set or recorded mix is that no stone is left unturned, no corner left unexplored and there’s about as much predictability as to what he’ll play next as an early episode of Lost. Through collecting records from an early age and immersing himself within music for nearly 40 years, it’s easy to understand why Scheffer is so well versed as a DJ.

“He’s as likely to roll out a thumping techno jam as he is a sparkling Italo-disco ballad and that’s the beauty of it; he often mixes everything up into a beautiful amalgamation of sounds, styles, eras and tempos, all with a fervour that most selectors only dream of.

“His regular appearances on Intergalactic FM and Viewlexx, the online radio station and record label run by I-f, are always hot property and his gig schedule is always packed full of international stops.”

Intergalactic Gary will play at VISIONS at Amsterdam’s Shelter on 30 September.

Original article by Mixmag, September 14, 2017.

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