High-Octane Thrills amid Spectacular Scenery

“There are few, if any, other places in the world where you can do some scenic mountain sightseeing while plunging at a velocity of 200km/h for 3050m of free fall. In 60 seconds,” Jeremy Hainsworth writes for Associated Press.

“There are several [South Island] jump options but my friend Andrew Benson and I went all the way and chose 4570m jumps with experienced tandem skydivers,” Hainsworth says. “If you’ve never fully experienced being totally present in the moment, skydiving is the only way to go. Nothing else is happening as you plummet earthward before the canopy opens above you.

NZONE also provides skydiving photographers to capture your jump for an extra fee. We took them up on the offer and wound up joining hands with our photographer in mid-air.

“The mind-blowing rush of the free fall lasted 60 seconds after which we enjoyed five minutes of sailing through clear skies under the chutes’ canopies.

In all, we spent two weeks in New Zealand … However, it was Queenstown with its high-octane thrills that captured our hearts leaving us gasping breathless for more. Or, at the very least, lying on the grass after we got our skydive suits off gazing at others descending and muttering, ‘Man, what a ride.’”

Original article by Jeremy Hainsworth, The Japan Times, March 19, 2016.

Photo by AP.

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