Hands Play San-Fran

Auckland-formed indie band Cut Off Your Hands are touring the United States promoting their 2008 debut album You and I. “Pause a minute while taking in the dreamy, vigorous Brit-pop of Cut Off Your Hands’ new album, You and I, to consider two things. One: The band aren’t British. Two: They started out as a punk band,” writes Doug Wallen for Orange County Weekly. “The latter may explain the manic spirit of their songs and live shows. ‘That’s where we were coming from originally,’ frontman Nick Johnston says, citing At the Drive-In and xbxrx as early influences. ‘The aim of the band wasn’t necessarily to create something brand-new or frighteningly original, which is obvious when you hear the songs, [but] more to capture the type of energy we were really interested in … that raw punk energy.'” On February 27 the band played a sold-out show with American bands Ra Ra Riot and Telekinesi at Detroit Bar in San-Francisco.

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