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“If you live in a concrete jungle inundated with constant noise, pollution, too many people and not enough trees, or are simply feeling the urge to get back to nature” –“a trip to New Zealand, a country known for its diverse landscapes and vast natural beauty, is just what the doctor ordered,” writes Meggen Taylor in an article for Forbes. Taylor spoke to local experts from New Zealand Walking Tours.

“New Zealand is one of the most naturally diverse countries in the world and boasts beautiful white sand beaches, temperate rainforests, volcanic and geothermal landscapes, vast mountain ranges, giant lakes, and bustling cities. Add to that the fact that it’s one of the safest countries in the world, with low population density and a massive network of well-maintained walking trails to endless breath-taking views, and you’ve got a true trip-of-a-lifetime destination,” said New Zealand Walking Tours Marketing Manager Joe Sutheran.

While many travelers are inclined to create their own memorable travel experiences, New Zealand Walking Tours prides themselves on their local experts.

“When visiting a country with so much to offer and with most of people’s schedules only allowing a limited travel window, I asked Sutheran if he could narrow down his four top locations with varying ecological landscapes that should be on every nature traveler’s bucket list,” writes Taylor.

These are his top four experiences:

  1. Mountain Escape – Engage with nature at a remote mountain escape at Angelus Hut in Nelson Lakes National Park. “This stunning location requires physical and mental strength to reach and sits on the shore of a pristine alpine lake,” according to Sutheran.
  2. Sea Escape – For a “unique escape on the water” Sutheran suggests “an overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound,” which “is more remote and inaccessible than its much busier other half, Milford Sound.”
  3. Isolated Escape – “If you are seeking a more isolated adventure consider Martins Bay Lodge in Fiordland National Park,” which can only be accessed by “walking the length of the Hollyford Track, or by air from Milford Sound.”
  4. Lake Escape – For an eco-travel adventure Sutheran recommends Camp Glenorchy, which is surrounded by mountains, braided rivers, and Lake Wakatipu.

Article Source: Forbes, Meggen Taylor, April 25, 2018
Image Source: Wikipedia

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