Food Blogger Jessica Prescott’s Kale Recipe Wows

Vegan food blogger and photographer New Zealander Jessica Prescott’s kale scones recipe features on lifestyle and news site Well+Good.

Prescott, who is based in Berlin, is the blogger behind Wholly Goodness and has just published a cookbook called, Vegan Goodness.

Although this recipe doesn’t taste at all like your lunchtime Caesar, the site says, it’s still packed with all the good stuff (antioxidants, gut-friendly fibre, and vitamins galore). Plus, it’s vegan to boot.

Prescott says she tries to keep her recipes as simple as possible. “I also only use ingredients that I find at the local market or my organic supermarket,” she says.

Prescott uses Instagram to post pictures that don’t make it onto her blog, and to tell her followers when she puts new recipes online.

“When I started my blog I had a frying pan with no handle, a knife from Ikea that someone had given me that was cracked, and that’s kind of it,” she says. “My kitchen was pretty ghetto, and I wanted to call my blog Ghetto Gourmet. So I hope to teach people with my blog that you don’t need fancy ingredients or fancy equipment to make delicious food.”

Original article by Willa Tellekson-Flash, Well + Good, November 5, 2016.

Photo by Jessica Prescott.

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