Feel Write at Home in Mansfield’s Menton Cottage

Katherine Mansfield’s home in Menton, France is included in a Vanity Fair article about staying in places where “literary idols dashed off their masterpieces”.

Included alongside Virginia Woolf’s Sussex country house; John Keats’ Old Mill House, where he finished his poem, The Eve of St Agnes; and Ian Fleming’s Jamaican villa, Mansfield’s Villa Isola Bella is “perhaps the most authentic writer’s cottage … where [the] New Zealand author lived and wrote in 1920, in an attempt to shake the tuberculosis that would kill her the following year.”

“The tiny, shabby cottage isn’t listed on any hotel booking sites, but it is possible to stay there. If you’re an established New Zealand writer and the recipient of the Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship, then six months of silent writing time in this most authentic of writers’ cottages is all yours.”

Original article by Annabel Davidson, Vanity Fair, November 2014.

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