Families Turning to Rachael Hale McKenna to Photograph Pets

Families are increasingly turning to professional dog photographers like New Zealander Rachael Hale McKenna, to capture their memorable pet portraits.

Professional pet photographers in the increasingly competitive business quiz owners about their dogs’ personalities, find the ideal setting and use favorite toys to bring out the best in the animals they shoot, knowing that portraits will outlive the pets themselves.

“I spend time getting them to trust me so I can reach into their soul,” said Hale McKenna who has just released her 15th book, The New York Dog.

McKenna specialises in candid photos of dogs in their favourite places, not in a studio.

In front of the camera, some dogs are timid and some are hams, she said, but her secret for a successful shoot with any canine personality is patience.

“Never force an animal to do anything,” McKenna said. “If an animal doesn’t want to do it, you are not going to get the image you are after anyway.”

Hale McKenna graduated from Wellington Polytech Design School in 1991. Her first job was as photographic assistant to Anne Geddes.

Original article by Sue Manning, The Columbian, August 15, 2014.

Photo by Rachael Hale McKenna.

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