Famed Manager Alan Niven recalls G N’ R Days

Former Guns N’ Roses manager Wellington-born Alan Niven, who ushered the band through their Appetite for Destruction era, has shared his first thoughts on meeting the band in 1986, Scott Ng reports for Guitar magazine.

When asked of his first impression of the band, Niven replied, “Fuck-ups. But that meant they weren’t your typical, calculating LA wannabes who had more ambition than talent. Y’know, throw a demo together, shop it, not get signed, all change, join other musicians. Every three months.”

Niven was the Guns N’ Roses manager until 1991. He has also been a manager of Buck & Evans, Great White, and associated with Virgin Records, Enigma Records, Mötley Crüe, Berlin and The JuJu Hounds, amongst others.

Original article by Scott Ng, Guitar, September 6, 2022.

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