Queenstown police have caught a burglar by posting footage of a man trying to break into a safe on the social networking site Facebook. The burglar broke into the Franklin Tavern in Queenstown and attempted to break into a safe in the storage closet, which held $12,000. After an hour and a half of failure, the man, who was ignorant to the security camera above him, took off his balaclava and showed his face. Queenstown police posted the video on Facebook, and received numerous responses within 24 hours. “Facebook was very, very handy, and it’s a good little tool,” Senior Sgt. John Fookes said, saying that they would continue to use the site to access a huge wealth of public assistance. It was New Zealand’s first Facebook aided arrest, one month on the heels of an Australian court’s decision to allow a mortgage lender to serve legal documents via the website.

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