Dubai-Based Kim Thompson’s Business Success Story

Top restaurants in Dubai spearheaded by female owners, founders and chefs are profiled in Time Out Dubai, and include an interview with New Zealander Kim Thompson, who owns RAW Coffee.

RAW Coffee was set up in 2007, sourcing premium beans from around the world. The company prides itself on ethically sourced coffee beans and fair treatment of the farmers growing the coffee, Amy Mathieson writes for Time Out.

“On reflection my early business plans and strategies were hopelessly flawed, but I was lucky that the niche of specialty coffee was the right one. The immaturity of the coffee industry allowed me the time to really dive deep and focus on the quality of the coffee,” she says.

“To be able to start and grow a company in the UAE allows me equal opportunities, and that is an example of the prolific work done for gender equality here.”

Original article by Amy Mathieson, Time Out Dubai, March 8, 2021.

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