DJ Zane Lowe Queues Up His Summer Faves

From a moody duet to a Mac Miller joyful four-on-the-floor groove, Auckland-born DJ, producer and poptimist Zane Lowe shares the songs he’s got queued up this summer for the Guardian’s regular column, The Playlist.

Lowe, who started out his career in New Zealand on Max TV, was also a founding member of Breaks Co-op. He now hosts his own show on Apple’s international radio station, Beats 1.

First, Lowe dishes up Banks’ “self-assured” single, Fuck With Myself. “This is bitter ‘boss’ behaviour right here,” Lowe says.

Then it’s Blood Orange and Best to You, a “simple and beautiful duet with Empress Of that comes and goes at a perfect pace.”

“The album Freetown Sound is deep. It tastes like New York, full of mood and movement. Really, Best to You is just a great pop record.”

That’s ahead of Skott’s Wolf and Mac Miller’s Dang! Lowe finishes with Francis and the Lights’ Friends (feat Bon Iver).

“This record is near perfect. There is so much restraint and respect for what’s going on that you are drawn in and left with a defining memory. It’s one of those records that leaves you feeling better than you did before. It’s restorative, like all of the best records are.”

Lowe lives in Los Angeles.

Original article by Zane Lowe, The Guardian, August 3, 2016.

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