Danielle Cormack an Ambitious Currency Trader in New Play

Award-winning actor New Zealand-born Danielle Cormack, who came to prominence in Australia with her performances in Underbelly and Wentworth, is currently playing an ambitious currency trader in Boys Will Be Boys at Sydney Theatre Company.

Cormack, 44, who has just negotiated her contract for the fourth season of Wentworth, says the play is keeping her very busy.

“The script is incredibly dense, text-wise, so lots of sleepless nights talking to myself like a mad person,” Cormack says.

“[My character] Astrid Wentworth is one of the top female stockbrokers from her firm and she’s unapologetically, vigorously worked her way into that position, and she takes on a mentee, who she wants to mentor. Through that we are introduced into the world of being a female broker in what has been historically a man’s world.”

Boys Will Be Boys is on until 16 May.

Original article by Kate Waterhouse, The Sydney Morning Herald, May 3, 2015.


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