Dancer Lance Savali Never Misses a Beat

Lance Savali is a Wellington-born dancer, who shot to stardom after beginning his career with compatriot Parris Goebel’s dance crew, The Royal Family. Speaking to Complex AU, Savali chats about working with some of the biggest stars in the industry, putting on for New Zealand, and where he hopes to go next.

“[I’ve learnt so much from] Chris Brown and Rihanna, because I’ve spent the most time with them. I did a world tour with Rihanna, and I’ve done seven tours with Chris Brown. I know them on a personal level,” Savali, 30, says.

“Music is my focus right now. I’ve got a new single out … called Move Your Body, I’m super excited. Going forward it will be music, social media and a little bit of dance – but music is number 1 right now.”

Original article by Larise Jones, Complex Australia, October 31, 2022.

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