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WASHINGTON POST In New Zealand, a soul-searching question: Are we as open minded as we think we are?

THE GUARDIAN Jacinda Ardern is showing the world what real leadership is: sympathy, love and integrity

The New Zealand prime minister has reacted to the Christchurch shootings with steel, compassion and absolute clarity. And she has given us a vision of a better world

THE ATLANTIC Photos: Mourning in New Zealand

CNN He wanted notoriety. But it is New Zealand’s stoic leader who has become the face of a tragedy

THE TELEGRAPH That Jacinda Ardern’s compassion and strength seem so remarkable speaks volumes about politics in 2019

BBC How young people are responding to the New Zealand terror attack

And why the whole world is talking about Egg Boy

NEW YORK TIMES ‘God Is Testing Us’: Tears and Outrage at a New Zealand Hospital

NEW YORK TIMES Why Jacinda Ardern Matters

New Zealand’s prime minister is emerging as the progressive antithesis to right-wing strongmen like Trump, Orban and Modi, whose careers thrive on illiberal, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

FOREIGN POLICY The Inspiration for Terrorism in New Zealand Came from France

The gunman who massacred Muslims was inspired by ideas that have circulated for decades on the French far-right.

THE INTERCEPT New Zealand Suspect’s Actions Are Logical Conclusion of Calling Immigrants “Invaders”

HUFFINGTON POST Christchurch Has Had A White Supremacist Problem for Decades

Experts say the mosque massacre spotlights New Zealand’s failure to take white supremacist threats seriously.

VICE New Zealand’s Muslims Say Islamophobia Was A Problem Long Before the Christchurch Massacre

WASHINGTON POST ‘Dignity. Grace. Courage.’: New Zealand’s prime minister lauded for her response to the mosque shootings

While her tenure at home has had mixed reviews, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been perceived abroad as an inspirational leader for the modern age. That image has only been bolstered as she seeks to comfort her shaken nation.

BUSINESS INSIDER New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Arden has been applauded for her actions following the Christchurch mosque shootings. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

BUZZFEED NEWS New Zealand’s Gun Owners So Far Voluntarily Surrendered 37 Firearms — Of An Estimated 1.2 Million — Since The Mosque Shootings

AL JAZEERA The hypocrisy of New Zealand’s ‘this is not us’ claim

Is Brenton Tarrant really an aberration?

NEW YORK TIMES The New Zealand Attack Posed New Challenges for Journalists. Here’s How The Times Covered It.

The killing of 50 people in New Zealand last week seems to be the most extreme example of a mass shooter using the internet as part of his arsenal of destruction and hate. We look at how this affected our calculations around how to cover the attack.

NEW YORKER The New Zealand Shooting and the Great-Man Theory of Misery

The significance of what happened in Christchurch cannot be understood outside the context of a growing transnational movement of white-nationalist fanaticism.

NEW YORK TIMES New Zealand Asks What It Could Have Done Differently as Portrait of Shooting Suspect Emerges

STRAITS TIMES (SINGAPORE) ‘I Live! I Die!’ – New Zealand uses haka to heal after attacks

New Zealanders ranging from heavily tattooed bikers to business executives, children and the elderly have lined up to perform the intimidating ceremonial dance which begins with fierce chants roughly translated as “I Live! I Die!

SLATE This Is the Real New Zealand

For Muslim New Zealanders, the atmosphere of hate that motivated last week’s attack came as no surprise.

DAILY BEAST The New Zealand Mosque Massacre Blame Game Is Out of Control

Radical Islamists and radical leftists have seized on the Christchurch tragedy to push their own hateful agendas.

KHALEE TIMES (UAE) Sheikh Mohamed calls New Zealand PM to condole over mosque attacks

CBC CANADA ‘New Zealand is not perfect’: Maori playwright says mosque attacks weren’t unprecedented

‘If you’re Maori, and you know your history, you will go, ‘Hold on,” says David Geary

NEW YORKER The New Zealand Shooting and the Challenges of Governing Live-Streamed Video

Social-media platforms were eager to embrace live streaming because it promised growth. Now, in the wake of the attack in New Zealand, it’s clear that scale has become a problem.

NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO (NPR) ‘We Are Not Safe Unless We Are Together’ — Interfaith Vigils Follow Mosque Shootings

MOTHER JONES How the Suspected New Zealand Gunman Weaponized the Internet

Social media giants became conduits for white nationalist recruitment.

PHILLY.COM New Zealand response to massacre puts us to shame | Editorial

Maybe New Zealand’s immediate response to this tragedy will remind our own representatives that change is possible, and we, too, can choose life over guns.

PROJECT SYNDICATE New Zealand’s Loss of Innocence

Like the assassination of Olof Palme in Sweden in 1986, the 9/11 attacks in the US, and the murderous rampage of Anders Breivik in Norway in 2011, March 15 will mark the day New Zealand lost its innocence and entered the age of postmodern mass terror. Fortunately, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s response has so far been pitch perfect.

CBC CANADA New Zealand has been ‘naive’ about right-wing extremism, says researcher

NZ HERALD Dame Anne Salmond: Racist underbelly seethes just beneath surface

THE SPINOFF New Zealand cannot erase colonial terrorism from its history

Ultimately, if New Zealand hopes to have any chance of recovery from what it has suffered, then it must first seriously confront its own colonial history, and how that colonial violence continues to be excluded from the foundational myths of New Zealand as a tolerant society.

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