Chatham Islands Hot Ticket for Travel-Starved

“The coronavirus pandemic has decimated the travel industry,” Lilit Marcus writes for CNN, “But there’s one place on the planet where there are too many tourists right now: the Chatham Islands.”

“As New Zealand’s borders remain mostly closed and locals are advised to not travel overseas at this time, the Chathams have become 2020’s hottest getaway for [mainlanders],” Marcus writes.

“Normally, tourism season lasts from about November to March. But now, all on-island accommodation is booked solid through June 2021.

“The Chathams’ remoteness usually makes it a part of the country that New Zealanders never get around to visiting. Now, that remoteness is an advantage, with travel-starved Kiwis turning to the islands as a way to feel like they’re on a far-off holiday without having to quarantine or take a Covid test.”

Original article by Lilit Marcus, CNN, November 10, 2020.

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