Andrew Dominik on 20 Years of Chopper

Few would be unfamiliar with Chopper – both the criminal, and the movie. The former is Mark Brandon Read, the notorious Australian gangster, bestselling author and serial shit-spinner, who committed many crimes and claimed he committed many more, Luke Buckmaster writes for The Guardian. The latter is the Wellington-born writer-director Andrew Dominik’s terrific 2000 drama, supercharged by an astonishing performance from Eric Bana.

The film returns to Australian cinemas on 26 August in a pandemic-delayed celebration of its 20th birthday.

Dominik, 53, spoke to Buckmaster over the phone from the UK, explaining that Read “sold the myth of himself as being a kind of Robin Hood character who robbed drug dealers and gave to himself, and was protective of women, animals and small children – which was patent bullshit”.

Was he ever uncomfortable about being “on the side” of the morally dubious? Buckmaster asks.

“I know very few people who aren’t morally dubious,” Dominik responds.

Original article by Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian, August 17, 2021.

Photo by Mushroom Group.

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