A Voice to Remember

A Stanford University obituary paid tribute to Susan Okin, the Auckland-born author, lecturer, and activist described by a Stanford University colleague as “perhaps the best feminist political philosopher in the world.” The author of three acclaimed books – Women in Western Political Thought (1979), Justice, Gender and the Family (1989), and Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women? (1999) – Okin was one of the leading feminist voices in the study of Western family and employment law. She died aged 57.

Susan Okin: 1946 – 3 March 2004

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New Zealanders Overseas Talk Being Behind Borders

New Zealanders Overseas Talk Being Behind Borders

When Jacinda Ardern closed New Zealand’s borders, chasing a zero-Covid policy, many New Zealanders were effectively locked out of their own country, Molly Codyre writes, having interviewed “those left behind” for an article…