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From Brian Sweeney, publisher, NZEDGE.COM | 24 July 2019 | #373 | New York
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Society | The Telegraph India
22 July 2019
Calcutta Celebrates Hillary@100: “Tales Of Man On Mission”
A celebration of the life and work of Sir Edmund Hillary in Calcutta on Saturday “remembered him with stories and anecdotes of not only as the mountaineer who became the first to climb Mount Everest in 1953, but a person who went on to love the Himalayan…

Sport General | NZEDGE.com
22 July 2019
Silver Ferns Are World Champions
New Zealand’s Silver Ferns are Netball world champions after a one-point win in Liverpool over long-time rivals Australia. The Noeline Taurua-coached team saw a seven-point advantage whittle down to a…
Community/General | Deutsche Welle
21 July 2019
New Zealanders Turn over Their Guns
The first of more than 250 planned gun collections across New Zealand has been held in Christchurch. The buyback scheme was introduced after March mosque attacks in which 51 Muslim worshippers…
Z-Files | CNN
25 July 2019
Little Blue Penguins Stake Out Local Sushi Joint
When the police call saying there’s been an arrest at your business, it’s usually cause for concern, CNN correspondent Isabela Espadas Barros Leal…
Business | Bloomberg
20 July 2019
New Culture Making Cow Cheese Without Cows
Head of Silicon Valley-based food startup New Culture, New Zealander Matt Gibson, founded the company because he didn’t like the non-dairy options on the market, according…
New Zealand | Pedestrian TV
19 July 2019
What to Do in Cool Lil’ Wellington
Wellington is, “of course”, the more “Melbourne” of the North Island’s two largest cities, according to Pedestrian TV correspondent Chantelle Schmidt. Schmidt writes that Wellington…
Sport General | South China Morning Post
23 July 2019
New Zealand Trail Star Nancy Jiang Rises to Success
Chinese-born New Zealander Nancy Jiang’s determination to succeed in trail running is shaped by her upbringing, when her parents pushed for…
Business | Bloomberg
25 July 2014
Greg Foran Named New Wal-Mart USA CEO
Wal-Mart, the world’s biggest retailer, has announced New Zealander Greg Foran as CEO of its US business, responsible for 4,700 stores and accounting for 60 percent…
Arts | Rolling Stone
29 July 2009
Sun out soon
Crowded House frontman Neil Finn has collaborated with the Smiths’ Johnny Marr, Radiohead’s Phil Selway and Ed O’Brien and new additions Wilco to produce a double-disc collection called The Sun Came Out, proceeds of which will benefit Oxfam…
Travel & Tourism | Female First
26 July 2004
Aotearoa Uncovered
Female First delves deeper than the usual travel story, focusing primarily on the geographical and cultural make-up of NZ. “NZ comes with a reputation as a unique land packed with magnificent, raw scenery: craggy coastlines…
Legends | Endurance
2 June 2000
Edmund Hillary
Ed Hillary stepped up from this land on 11 January 2008, aged 88. This story of him is the most popular of the nzedge.com Legends, (Ernest Rutherford, Katherine Mansfield and Nancy Wake being the next three)…
Legends | Culture
1 August 2009
Colin McCahon
McCahon was the artist who gave New Zealand a powerful visual identity and for that he is revered in his homeland. That he went further, to explore and communicate through the medium of painting…
Legends | Scientists
22 March 2000
William Pickering
The launch of Sputnik in 1957 forced the United States into the space race. Fighting the Cold War, the Americans needed to show the world that they too could launch a rocket into space — and they had to do it quickly…
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