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Edge Message #99 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

New Zealanders in Global Headlines

New Zealand headlines in this week’s sampling of global media appearing in The West Australian, Telegraph, Hindustan Times, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Vancouver Sun, Guardian, The Age, Star Bulletin, The Villager, Independent, The New York Times and Honolulu Magazine include:

–  Colin Murdoch, “one of NZ’s most significant inventors” dies, Timaru, 79

–  Vaka Moana Auckland Museum’s “most ambitious” travelling exhibit

–  Maori self-determination and reliance a model for Canadian analysts

–  John Botica’s mosaic “Tree of Life” one of the world’s top 100

–  John Clarke and alter-ego Fred Dagg honoured at Logies

–  NZ invention, spreadable butter, “a gift from a divine providence”

–  World of Wearable Arts a platform for winning Indian talent

–  Raglan more than surf, popular too for “Bohemian” arts scene

–  David Trubridge’s “On Thin Ice” panels in San Francisco eco-exhibit

–  Geoffrey Knight, tenor, sheds leathers for operetta in Australia

–  New Zealand committed to eco-tourism in competitive market

–  Annie Goldson’s An Island Calling features in Canadian doco festival

–  Rotorua attracts geocachers, “outdoor treasure-hunters” with GPS

–  Peter Jackson and Pan’s Labyrinth Guillermo Del Toro join forces

–  CER 25th anniversary of “an almost single trans-Tasman market”

–  Anthony Wilding, tennis champ, toppled as 90-year world record holder

–  Te Papa defrosts and dissects rare colossal squid live on Web

–  Thomas Butson “brought journalistic ambition” to NY’s Villager

–  Pokeno inspires alias for ex-Thompson Twin’s armchair art

–  Shane Bond’s transfer to ICL’s Dehli Giants a “no brainer”

–  Darcy Lange’s films screen in “textured” and “cool” NY exhibit

–  Prohunt, NZ company, hired in Hawaii to eradicate wild pigs, goats

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Photos: Apirana Ngata – Auckland Museum’s travelling exhibition Vaka Moana; Maori role models for Canada

NEW: Nga Kupu Aroha: Blog #23 By Denis O’Reilly, May 2008

A review of good work in South Auckland with previously warring groups; the system’s dilemma of how to react to pro-social gang leaders; coping with the tough times when things go wrong (stick to the kaupapa and say your karakia); big inflow of P-related product threatening to wipe out progress of demand reduction strategies overnight; ANZAC has become a day of national unity; Maori and Pakeha seem to get on better when at war than when at peace; Napier Pilot City Trust works on this with Unity Week and builds the Robson Collection as a resource for building communities rather than prisons in a time when our numbers have doubled in 20 years; Governor General Anand Satyanand gives the Robson Lecture on the history of capital punishment and pays respects to community volunteers; a 93rd birthday for Helen Mason.



30 May 2008, 8pm, Winston Kingdom, Amsterdam

Electronic 3-piece group Minuit live on stage. Ten pounds on the door.

19 June 2008, 6:30pm, NZ Society Summer Drinks, NZ House, London

NZ wine and canapes on the 18th floor balcony of NZ House. Cash bar, members 10 pounds, non-members 14 pounds, reserve tickets at www.nzsociety.co.uk.

20-23 June 2008, TNT Eternal Summer, NewQuay, England

The first weekender to cater for expats, in caravans and with live music. For further information and bookings go to www.tnteternalsummer.com.

28 June 2008, Glastonbury Festival, Somerset

Crowded House play the Pyramid Stage. Online tickets available at www.seetickets.com.

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