#84: Going Live Daily

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Edge Message #84 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

Aotearoa whanau whanui ki te Aonui
Global Community of New Zealanders

Greetings and thank you for your interest in and exploration of the nzedge.com site, you may have registered in the past few weeks, or back when the site started in 1999.

This week we started daily publishing at https://www.nzedge.com/, and invite you to join us as readers and contributors. The blog format is ideal for interactivity, discussion and participation, and will enable nzedge.com to grow beyond a sole focus on publishing.

Summarizing the posts this week:

– Time Magazine visits the Edge
– Location update on the New Zealand Diaspora
– Obituaries of nine outstanding global New Zealanders
– Kevin Roberts on the priorities for New Zealand rugby
– A “Hero” story on Ettie Rout – “Angel of the Anzacs”
– Denis O’Reilly on Parihaka history and possibilities
– A note contextualizing our move to daily publishing

The blog will be updated about 4pm NZ time daily. You can register to email or RSS daily feeds, we will also send a weekly update to everyone on the nzedge.com subscriber list.

Thumbnail credit: Southern Alps, New Zealand, 2007

Let’s keep moving.

Brian Sweeney

http://www.nzedge.com brian@nzedge.com


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