#74: Global Winners

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Edge Message #74 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM

To Members of the Global Network of New Zealanders

Headlines from the world’s online media

• Arthur Lydiard – Running Man
• Pat Hanly – Pacific Ikon
• Peter Bennett predicts extinction by 2100



• Keith Urban wins Nashville
• Trevor Richards awarded Tambo Companion Award
• Nom D, Zambesi, Trelise Cooper at global fashion awards
• Anne Geddes and Celine Dion #1 in USA
• All Blacks’s triumph in France
• Annamarie Jagose wins Victoria fiction prize
• Natural Heritage wins in Beijing with Bad Bugs
• Phil Keoghan’s Amazing Opportunity continues
• Taika Waititi’s Two Cars film wins everywhere
• Larry Parr’s Fracture wins St Tropez
• Peter Bethune to race around the world
• NZ #1 in Telegraph tourism poll
• In My Father’s Den – “Melancholy Masterpiece”
• Peter Boggs wins most esteemed drawing prize
• Sally Andrews – Best Actress Her Majesty
• Pinot Noir infatuation in California
• NZ sci/tech funding model in EU
• John Hood commences as Oxford VC
• Telegraph reports “Fairy Fashion Week”
• Fitzy in the world – The Irish Times
• Joan Wilton acclaimed paleontologist in US
• Betchadupa’s remarkable songcraft – Age
• US liberals enquire about NZ residency
• NZ not an “echo” in foreign policy – Goff
• Turanga Mento heads Sydney Lion King
• “Stunning humdingers” at Edinburgh Wine Fair
• Russell Coutts’ Gold Cup in Sweden
• Cuisine magazine Silver in Cannes
• Finns sibling revelry in Scotland
• ECO tourism has major elevation
• 3-12 million Moa in NZ before man?
• NZ college students internationally aware
• Britons love NZ country real estate
• What to do in Auckland? – New York Times
• Chris Carter on Civil Union Bill – LA Advocate
• Maestro Ric Burch’s book Master of Ceremonies
• Chills in Guardian great indie pop singles top 10
• Unknown Soldier from France to Wellington
• UK Pensions look to NZ system
• Napier’s Tracey Richardson a worldwide inspiration
• Tracey King a smoothie in Europe
• KR’s Lovemarks #1 with Tom Peters
• Dr Laurie Creamer world’s top dairy scientist
• Boston Globe ferments over Brajkovich Chardonnay
• Fonterra a “moo-nopolist” – Sydney Morning Herald
• First NZ-South Korean Film Fest
• Massey University checks OZ blowfly stress points
• Bevan Doherty – world champion triathlete
• Roger Douglas’s reforms energise agriculture – BBC
• Cardonna hotel on market – $7m
• Scott Smith wins $500K at OZ Quiz show
• Ricky Ellison – NFL and missile linebreaker
• NZ’s lifelong Philly friends
• NZer launches broken leg support website
• MSN rediscovers NZ youth hostels
• New life forms in NZ oceanic volcano
• Gossiping is great – Victoria University study
• Brendan Cole Strictly Comes Dancing on BBC
/category/newzedge/ (we’re sorry if any of the news links have gone dead since we first identified the stories).

161 messages sent from you, Aotearoa whanau whanui ki te Aonui – the global community of New Zealanders – about where you are at, about what and who inspires you, about your cultural symbols, and about your heros – Freyberg, Tex Morton, Janet Frame, Ed Hillary, Archibald MacIndoe, Bill Phillips, Aunt Daisy, Richard Gapes, Keith Park, Maurice Wilkins, William Pickering. New Zealand Edge speaks of a spirit of “radical optimism”- and yours can be found on this page. Received July-December 04. Best message for me, from Toronto: “NZEDGE pierces the heart. Opens it. Lights the flame. Tickles the universal mind. Remembers the fragments. Remembers who we are – ALL of it. I remember.” https://www.nzedge.com/mailbox/20_december04.html

Installment #3 of Denis O’Reilly’s Nga Kupu Aroha: Words of Love. Working the real stuff… a supported housing community at Waiohiki – a place that might have a ‘P-free whare’ status… the Waiohiki Creative Arts Village… addressing suspicion and distrust… looking for keys to unlock a system set on assuming the worst… the Eagles Foundation of USA… the Mokai Whanau Ora project, Aotearoa… “working for things other than money”… working for a high traction entry into 2005 … https://www.nzedge.com/hot/ar-denis03.html

Kevin Roberts’ journey from Rome to Cardiff, to Sao Paulo, Rio and Paris. “To a game that was heaven, one of the most brilliant All Black displays I have ever seen, a day the All Blacks left the field with no regrets. They delivered on every front. Strategic flexibility, inspired selection, tactical flexibility, media accessibility, player development, technical upskilling, all round on-field leadership, inspired player morale and first class results.” https://www.nzedge.com/hot/rugby/04_Dec-Jan.html

It’s freezing outside here in New York. A month ago I posted an initiative called NYNZ about an improbable but instinctive relationship between New Zealand and New York. “Your country is famous, it’s where I’d love to be” said the check-in executive at my hotel. If you go to www.nynz.com you’ll find a dozen or so intial messages about the resonance of what one correspondent calls “geographic promiscuity.” The idea of New Zealand “annexing” New York as an economic and cultural loadstar might sound preposterous, but so too was the idea of the New Zealand Edge that we voiced seven years ago that a million or so New Zealanders living off-island might have a critical role in the renaissance of the Aotearoa spirit. Go see – www.nynz.com

It’s been a year of loss – Edge Heroes including Maurice Wilkins, William Pickering, Janet Frame, Robert Burchfield, Arthur Lydiard, Michael King and Maurice Shadbolt.

It’s been a year of gain – a New York office; go the All Blacks! Go King Kong and every other film director! Go Pinot! Go Fashionistas! Go Exporters! Go the Silver Fern!

I thank my team Carla Hofler, Clare Marshall, Paul Ward, Humphrey Glennie, Denis O’Reilly, Stephen Olsen and Kriston Ware, and my mate in this extremely edgy enterprise, Kevin Roberts.

Kia Kaha!

Best regards

Brian Sweeney
Publisher, Producer
mailto: brian@nzedge.com


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