#25 Kiwis Rock The Globe

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Edge Message #25 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM



More Kiwis rock the globe this week. Over 80 new items in NEWZEDGE don’t mind the width, just feel the quality:

  • Kiwi holy boy a reincarnation of venerated Lama, from Sydney Morning Herald
  • Christchurch edges out the Eiffel Tower, Panthenon and the Pyramids as favoured destination for readers of Chicago Tribune
  • Fletcher Construction builds Burj Al Arab: world’s tallest hotel tower in Dubai, UAE
  • Poi to replace hackeysack as the game of choice for the young and spiritual, Fox News
  • X-Men star Anna Paquin profiled in Vanity Fair
  • NZ experts called in to fight the ravaging Montana fires, CNN
  • The New York Times profiles Te Papa’s Ken Gorby, appointed artistic director of Berlin’s much anticipated Jewish museum
  • Aural Edge: indie music legend Chris Knox’s new album reviewed in Rolling Stone; Musciologist Sir Peter Pratt remembered in the Sunday Times, and renowned flutist Marya Martin leads the popular Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival
  • Political edge: Mike Moore free-trading leftist, Bryan Gould enters the Euro debate and Stuart McClure leads Welfare reform in Australia
  • Christopher de Hamel appointed curator of prestigious Cambridge University Library
  • Revolutionary biochemist Allan Wilson’s Out of Africa evolutionary theory explored in The Economist
  • Scientist James Flynn beats the IQ tests in The Sunday Times
  • The Times profiles Don McKinnon’s “All Black diplomacy”
  • Natural History New Zealand nominated for two Emmys
  • New Zealand scientific innovation: breakthrough in cancer research, cholesterol pill linked to stroke cure, research proves honey as healer
  • Rachel Hunter profiled: “sheep shearer’s delight” in The Times, and does crunchies for The Sun
  • Russell Crowe wins Hollywood Actor of the Year Award
  • Maori culture exerts its global edge: the Hongi in the Phillipines, Sir Peter Buck remembered in the Sunday Times
  • The Maori culture website http://www.maori.culture.co.nz/  continues to make this time in the Washington Post
  • The regular Lord of the Rings buzz – Sir Ian McKellen raves about New Zealand … Cate Blanchet raves about Peter Jackson
  • Steve Williams wins more majors with Tiger, sailors win the Kenwood Cup, cyclists win World Cup Gold and Dave Bolstad chops up the competition at the ESPN Games
  • In style stakes super-chef Peter Gordon cooks up a culinary storm, The Guardian applauds Cloudy Bay for beating Champagne at its own game, and Daily Telegraph lauds edge-designers Zambesi
  • Adventure Edge: Fly-by-wire hits Texas, Kiwi bungee exhilarates in the The Daily Express and Irish Times
  • Virtual Edge: Kiwi hacker leads the cyberpunk sisters in ABC News, innovative internet policing solutions from Porirua profiled in Wired
  • Royal New Zealand Ballet production of Dracula slays the crowds in Oz
  • Literary Edge: Fleur Adcock’s poetic shock tactics reviewed in The Guardian, Louise Rennison talks about the “night before syndrome” to DJ John Peel, Katherine Mansfield story adapted for theatre and Joy Cowley’s teen sci-fi praised in Chicago Tribune, Damien Wilkin’s writes moving text for Noel McKenna’s art in Sydney Morning Herald



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We are very pleased to have engaged with Professors Matthew During and Terry Collins following NZEDGE HOT  last week. We were led to an important site which is a global hub for discussionhttp://www.het.brown.edu/people/easther/nzpolicy/ about braindrain issues. We’re working in the same territory but with different tools – ours are metaphor, story, language, icons. Our manifesto, as it were, is still evolving, and has been helped by the connections made with the (huge) New Zealand academic community living internationally and wearing their edge on their sleeve.


The other cool connection you can make is to http://www.smartnet.co.nz  which is a sizeable New Zealand learning network connecting business leaders, senior managers, engineers, academics and researchers, HR professionals, training and development practitioners and IT consultants. Very good fortnightly newsletter, a great conference, and a real sense of urgency about winning the world from the edge.


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