#20 Celebration of New Zealand

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Edge Message #20 from Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM


In NEWZEDGE today, the Kiwis who are upsetting assumptions, rocking equilibriums and putting edge back into the globe include:

  • Romance, roadkill in Alison Maclean’s new film (Premiere)
  • Anna Paquin absorbs in X-Men film (Premiere)
  • Kiwi Kosovo envoy on winning the peace (New York Times)
  • Stewart Island’s Kiwi stars (New York Times)
  • Kiri the Tina Turner of opera (The Sunday Times)
  • Insider’s guide to our real crown jewels (Time Out)
  • NZ as prime sports car country (Road & Track)
  • Peter Jackson 21st century film leader (Chicago Tribune)
  • Outlaw poet Christina Conrad savages the rules (Alicubi)
  • NZ’s role in a globalised economy (Financial Times)
  • Sam Neill to walk with dinosaurs again (LA Times)
  • Rugby gets foothold in Dallas (Dallas Morning News)
  • Saatchi, Colenso score at Cannes (Cannes 2000)
  • Stead, Knox star in Melbourne lit fest (The Age)
  • Lisa Harrow’s w;t in New York (The New Yorker)
  • Kiwi stand-up wows fringe fest (Ottawa Citizen)
  • NZ mussels, lamb in Asian/Italian fusion (Malaysia Star)
  • Pacific coups turn ANZAC attention (Dawn)
  • and more from the annals of medical research, All Black rejuvenation, South Pacific whaling, national parks, women’s softball and hockey…all in NEWZEDGE.


Anna Thomson of Capital Times (Wellington) reviewed NZEDGE.COM this week. She writes (condensed):

“In most cases celebration of New Zealand stories start and end with a bunch of rugby anecdotes, or worse still, promotes examples of New Zealand’s “uniqueness” without comparing it to the rest of the world. So here’s the solution – The New Zealand Edge. It’s so fresh that you can find things you didn’t even know about NZ – who would have thought we had national heroes who flexed their brains…the achievements of these people go way beyond “world famous in NZ.” They’re stars on the world front, and they’re also recognised for their contribution to New Zealand life, [The site] is one of the first places I’ve visited that doesn’t leave the stories of our non-sporting heroes firmly in the shadows of Phar Lap and other legends of the turf and clods (no disrespect intended)”.

Two websites to check out from NZEDGE.COM members:

Creating 2025 is a series of conversations within and across sectors and generations: young New Zealanders talking about the kind of country they want to inherit, older generations talking about what they would like to leave behind. From the New Zealand Futures Trust.

Features a CD-ROM travel-guide to New Zealand, soon-to-be- webbed. The CD-ROM features a unique 7-zoom level interactive map of the country, connected place by place to more than 8,000 tourist attractions and accommodation choices, as well as feature articles and photos giving more depth and background to our country.

Hope new publication date of Thursday suits for better weekend browsing. Cheers,

Brian Sweeney
executive editor

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