#209: NZ Photographers at OraNY; Peter Bale & The Panama Papers; Rex Bionics; Dark Horse acclaimed; legendary Archibald McIndoe + more

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From Brian Sweeney, producer NZEDGE.COM | 13 April 2016 | #209 | New York
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Arts | Lucire
11 April 2016
NZ Photographers in New York City Exhibition
New Zealand artists Nichola Clark, Jonathan Pilkington, Claire Price, and Andrew B. White are featured in New York’s Ora Gallery’s exhibition Anthropocene Vision: Photography by Four Artists.

Anthropocene refers to today’s era where humans have had a…

Media | The Center for Public Integrity
11 April 2016
Peter Bale at the Crux of Panama Papers Leak
Chief executive of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Public Integrity, former Wairarapa Times-Age and Evening Post journalist Peter Bale, is the New Zealander…
Nature | Sydney Morning Herald (The)
10 April 2016
Meteor Shines Bright Green Over New Zealand
A meteor lit up New Zealand skies on Tuesday about 9pm. New Zealander Jono Matla was lucky enough to capture the meteor cutting its way through the sky.

It was “one…

New Zealand | Huffington Post
09 April 2016
Why Driving in New Zealand Is Good For Your Soul
New Zealand’s roads “take you past stunning shimmering lakes and majestic mountains, past wild and deserted beaches, beautiful fiords and distinctive…
Science/Tech | International Business Times
09 April 2016
New Zealand Firm Develops Robotic Legs
Rex Bionics, a company in New Zealand, is developing robotic legs for people who have lost the ability to move their legs.

“The self-supporting exoskeleton is secured to a…

New Zealand | South China Morning Post
08 April 2016
New Zealand’s Hiking Trails Offer a Catalogue of Wonders
New Zealand’s many hiking trails with amazing vistas and challenging courses will leave you breathless.

“Other than…

Travel | YouTube
08 April 2016
Auckland City of Sunlight (1946)
Take a trip back in time to 1946 Auckland and discover the familiar landscape and architecture that has not changed since, as well as many things that have changed from the transport to clothing….
Film & TV | Stuff.co.nz
08 April 2016
‘The Guinea Pig Club’ Film on Sir Archibald McIndoe in the Works
‘The Guinea Pig Club’ about Sir Archibald McIndoe, the Kiwi plastic surgeon who gave horribly disfigured…
Architecture | Inhabitat
08 April 2016
Remote Eco-Cabin – A Gorgeous Seaside Getaway
The Seascape Retreat – a remote cabin on the Banks Peninsula designed by Auckland-based architecture firm Patterson Associates – boasts magnificent views, is…
Film & TV | Los Angeles Times
07 April 2016
The Dark Horse Opens to Acclaim in US
James Napier Robertson’s film The Dark Horse, starring the “magnetic” Cliff Curtis, has opened in the United States to glowing reviews from critics.

Robert Abele, writing for the…

Writers | Age (The)
07 April 2016
Writer Maria Lewis Outdoes Tarantino
New Zealand-born journalist and author Maria Lewis has morphed from a crime reporter on the Gold Coast to pop-culture extraordinaire, has nabbed an international publishing deal and caught…
Sport | YouTube
07 April 2016
NZ Bomb Comp 2016 – Great Lake Taupo
Take a look at New Zealand’s Bombing Competition 2016 hosted in Taupo. The brainchild of Taupo’s Laity brothers, Matt and Jono, the NZ Bomb Comp is a mix of madness and genius, with a…
Nature | New York Times (The)
07 April 2016
Kakapo May Need Parasites to Survive
Conservation biologists are doing everything they can to keep the critically endangered kakapo from vanishing. And so, when they discovered a few years ago that a pair of captive kakapo were…
Max Gimblett - Soldiers Church
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