Why You Should Visit New Zealand

“Chances are you’ve met a kiwi or two and you’ve probably seen Lord of the Rings—the country’s friendly population and breathtaking natural beauty is reason enough to visit. But if you still need convincing, here are a few more reasons,” writes Jane Mundy in an article for The Province.

  • Safe and Easy: “New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the world”, you don’t need any special vaccinations and there are no “venomous snakes or dangerous animals,” Mundy writes.
  • It’s Not Crowded: Apart from Auckland, “there’s not much traffic” in New Zealand. “It’s about the same size as the U.K. but with 60 million people less (population 4.4 million), so you don’t have to queue.”
  • Hobbiton: “Lord of the Rings fans go bonkers for the Hobbiton movie shire, starting with a video about how Peter Jackson found middle earth here and ending with a brew at the Green Dragon Inn,” writes Mundy.
  • Art Deco in Napier: Napier is a must-see according to Mundy. After a disastrous earthquake struck the town in 1931 and it was levelled, “it was quickly rebuilt in the style of Art Deco and Spanish Mission”.
  • Unique Fauna and Flora: A lot of the bird and plant species found in New Zealand exist nowhere else in the world and “forests overflow with towering ancient kauri trees and ferns,” writes Mundy. And there are lots of different opportunities to explore wildlife. Mundy took part in “a “Wild Food Tour” with Chef Charles Royal”, visited a gannet colony at Cape Kidnappers in Hawke’s Bay and spent time at the excellent Royal Albatross Centre on the Otago Peninsula.”

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Article Source: The Province, Jane Mundy, February 26, 2018
Image Source: Wikipedia

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