Where to Wine, Dine and Caffeinate in Wellington

“When I first moved to New Zealand [in 2013], I accidentally landed in Wellington and stayed for almost a year,” American travel blogger Liz Carlson, aka the Young Adventuress, writes.

“Chill vibes, a cool creative scene, young folk, beautiful nature, small in size, kickass coffee, oh and did I mention the food? You can probably start to see why I stuck around,” Carlson says.

“Nowadays I regularly travel up to Wellington [from Wanaka] to see friends and for work, but no matter why I’m there, I always make time for good coffee, fab food, and great drinks.

“Here are my picks for my favourite spots of where to eat in Wellington. From my choice bars to restaurants and cafes, it was hard to narrow it down, but I’ve done my best. Enjoy.”

Carlson includes Egmont Street Eatery, The Garage Project, the Harbourside Market, Hippopotamus Restaurant, Flight Coffee Hangar, Hawthorn Lounge, Shepherd, SHAKE, Sixes and Sevens, Wellington Chocolate Factory, Golding’s Free Dive, Olive Cafe, Six Barrel Soda Co. (pictured), Leeds Street Bakery and The Library.

Original article by Liz Carlson, Young Adventuress, August 2017.

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