V8 Supercar Driver Promotes Safety on the Road

Twenty-year-old V8 Supercar rookie and Fujitsu Racing GRM driver, New Zealander Scott McLaughlin recently visited Maroochydore State High School in Queensland to spread the road safety message.

Christchurch-born McLaughlin made his V8 Supercar debut at the tender age of 16, not much older than the Year 9 students he stood before.

He said while screaming around the track at 300kmh looked exciting, driving on public roads was a completely different prospect.

McLaughlin, who just got off his P plates, also said V8 Supercar drivers had strict off-course road rules placed on them and that he would lose his spot in the series if he lost his licence.

“The best thing about a race circuit is that the cars are very safe, but you’re also all going in the same direction on the track,” he said.

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