Tips for Top Times to Visit New Zealand

Whether you want to hike, sun on the beach, or sip wine (or all three) Travel + Leisure magazine recommends taking note before planning your trip to New Zealand.

“New Zealand is a dream destination,” G. S. McClure writes for the publication. “From the crystal waters of the Abel Tasman, to the expanse of Northland’s Ninety Mile Beach, to the mountains surrounding Queenstown – the country knows no shortage of breathtaking scenery. Visitors can experience the best of it by hiking, lazing at the beach, or soaking up views from a vineyard with a glass of local pinot noir in hand. With flight durations from the West Coast [of the United States] around 13 hours long, this trip does require a bit of planning.

“Travellers should be aware no matter when or where they’re going, New Zealand weather is unpredictable, and it’s likely to rain at least a little bit at any time of year.

“Beaches here are at their best during the summer. Although locals will tell you otherwise, the water is never truly warm; but in January, February, and early March, the beaches are often hot enough to make the ocean temperatures comfortable. There are many rugged coasts, too, so even during the winter it’s worth stopping by for the views. New Zealand does have riptides, however, so swim between the flags on beaches protected by lifeguards.

“Late spring through early autumn is the best time to visit New Zealand for hiking – but you won’t be alone. Campgrounds and huts get booked well in advance, so plan ahead. Unless you’re an avid (and experienced) outdoors-lover, we recommend staying in a hut. With these rustic accommodations, trekkers enjoy the comforts of a bed, can lighten their packs, and never get stuck pitching a tent in the rain. Regardless of the season, hikers in New Zealand should be prepared with a rain jacket and sturdy boots.”

Original article by G. S. McClure, Travel + Leisure, January 25, 2018.

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