Stylist Chloe Hill Leads Anti-Minimalism Movement

There’s beauty and ease in the ability to maintain a minimalist sense of style. Colours remain subdued and consistently complementary. Plus, a less-is-more approach, in essence, keeps the actual effort in getting dressed to a minimum. It’s appealing – until you scroll across an Instagram account like New Zealander Chloe Hill’s and realise that bold, often maximalist style can be just as effortless. Online lifestyle magazine, COOLS reports.

It’s hard to scroll past Hill once you happen upon her playful use of colours, obvious love of prints, and seemingly DGAF attitude toward the old take-one-accessory-off-before-leaving-the-house rule. A former editor at InStyle and Oyster magazines in Australia, Hill switched gears in 2016 to launch Cool Pretty Cool, a digital publication to explore and celebrate style and the fresh faces behind it.

While Cool Pretty Cool itself serves as a source of style inspiration – and often through a global lens, thanks to Hill’s demanding work travel schedule – it’s her personal Instagram COOLS is so often returning to for fresh outfit ideas. Piled-on accessories, daytime sequins, and impactful prints layered on in multiples, it’s these unexpected choices that have us wondering why we haven’t been following her joyful take on dressing all along.

Cool Pretty Cool’s founder explains more about not worrying what others think, not following the most viral trends, and which basics are currently in heavy rotation in her very non-basic wardrobe.

“When I started in the industry as an intern, I tried to wear things I thought people would think looked ‘cool’,” Hill says. “I didn’t wear so much colour and often bought into trends I didn’t personally love in an attempt to fit in. As I got older and felt more comfortable, I started experimenting. I started wearing pieces that made me happy and started caring less about what others thought. I do think it’s also part of growing up and discovering who you are as a person, but I do encourage young people to be less afraid of impressing others.

“I spent a bit of time in Japan last month and I was so inspired by people on the street there – they really celebrate individualism and everything they wear is so thought out. They made me feel like I need to experiment more with accessories and styling tricks, and boy to they know how to work a silk scarf.”

Original article by Gina Marinelli, COOLS, April 16, 2019.

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