Bayley LuuTomes Plants Winning Woodland

“(An) exhibit that defied regular display-garden expectations (at this year’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show) was the one created by New Zealand designer Bayley LuuTomes,” Megan Backhouse reports for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“While LuuTomes’ work didn’t push an environmental agenda, it nonetheless showed how the best designs tread lightly.

“The New Zealander encircled one the Carlton Gardens’ mature elm trees with a round wall constructed from rectangular wooden blocks. This unexpected incursion was both visually arresting and completely at one with its site. While the wall gave the appearance of being as ephemeral as a child’s building-block construction (there were no obvious nails or screws or adhesive materials) it held its own against the tree.

“Inside this wall was a tumble of cushions, blankets and a book – that, in contrast to some of the ‘lifestyle’ elements in other MIFGS display gardens, felt real rather than staged. Outside the wall LuuTomes planted a soft, wispy, woodland spread with a diverse community of perennials and grasses at all stages of development.

“Show gardens might not be made to last, but sometimes they can lead the way.”

LuuTomes has won many garden design awards including, a gold medal for lighting design at the Ellerslie International Flower Show Christchurch 2013 and a silver medal at the Gardening World Cup in Japan in 2013.

Article Source: Megan Backhouse, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 5, 2019

Photo Source: Joe Armao

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