Sharing Taonga at The Pacific Virtual Museum

Tim Kong, director of The Pacific Virtual Museum, describes how the project is making the cultural heritage of the Pacific visible and accessible to all, in a perspective piece published on The Met’s website.

“The Pacific region and its inhabitants are unique, vibrant, living, and enduring in the face of overwhelming challenges. And despite all our efforts to preserve and protect our cultural heritage, global climate change threatens to erase the objects and records that hold our stories and traditions,” Kong writes.

“Since January 2020, I have led a project that speaks to aspects of this reality.

“Our hope is that [The Pacific Virtual Museum] can continue to enable Pacific people to find, access and make use of the many aspects of their culture, history and heritage. To shine light anew on the international museums, galleries, libraries and institutions that hold and care for these records. To foster new relationships between these worlds.”

Original article by Tim Kong, The Met, July 28, 2022.

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