Ride With Pete’s Dragon in 360 Flyover Experience

Walt Disney has given fans an opportunity to ride with Pete’s pet dragon Elliott (Pete’s Dragon) in a VR/360 experience that was created with the help of Air New Zealand, Nokia; Tourism New Zealand and WETA Digital.

Wellington-based digital visual effects company WETA Digital used live action footage to create the experience, which was shot in New Zealand. They also “added CGI effects including an entire customized version of Elliot.”

According to the article, Elliot’s Flyover experience would “bring moments of the film’s early teasers to mind” in which “Pete and Elliot flew across the canyons and through the rivers.”

The Walt Disney Pictures remake of Pete’s Dragon stars Robert Redford, Bryce Dallas Howard, Kiwi actor Karl Urban and Wes Bentley, as reported in the New Zealand Herald.

Pete’s Dragon, directed by David Lowery is set to be released on August 12 in the US and on September 15 in New Zealand.

Article Source: Movie News Guide, Chan, August 5, 2016

Image Source: Youtube

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