Rhys Darby and Anna Faris in Air New Zealand’s Latest Safety Video

Kiwi comedian Rhys Darby has teamed up with Hollywood actress Anna Faris to play a multitude of ridiculous characters in Air New Zealand’s latest safety video, Safety in Hollywood as reported in Mumbrella.

The video, which was shot at Warner Brothers Studios in Los Angeles on four different sets, “starts with Flight of the Conchords star Darby in the bath, phoning Faris and asking her if she wants to be in a safety video he’s writing.”

It then moves to a cop car on a stakeout, followed by a Paris-based romance, a horror movie and a Western quick draw competition.

“Anna and Rhys make a great comedic duo and really bring this safety video to life, entertaining customers while at the same time imparting key safety messages,” said Jodi Williams Air New Zealand head of global brand.

“Our inflight safety videos are now world famous and we know people anticipate their release.  This latest video will again draw eyeballs to New Zealand from around the globe and encourage visitors to travel to our wonderful country.  It is also another great example of the diverse set of creative talent that our nation nurtures.”

“Air New Zealand’s safety videos are a Kiwi staple and reflect the Kiwi sense of humour.  I think people will really enjoy watching this safety video as it takes them on a magical ride through the movie making world, while still bringing to life the key safety messages,” said Darby.

Article Source: Mumbrella, Alex Hayes, July 21, 2016

Image Source: Youtube

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