Queenstown Public House a San Diego Find

New Zealand-inspired American cuisine is served up at San Diego’s Queenstown Public House. Reviewer Ed Bedford, writing for the San Diego Reader went along for a taste test.

“[The Queenstown Public House is a] romantic 100-year-old Craftsman house with a porch, tables in the garden, round windows, roof overhangs, and even a garden brazier,” Bedford says.

“‘Queenstown Public House,” reads gold lettering on a window. Name’s inspired by Queenstown, a Julian-like mountain town in New Zealand.

“The Kiwilango’s a basic beef burgerette with jalapeños, blue cheese, tortilla chips, and hot sauce in a focaccia. Or you can go vegan with a black-bean patty.

“But, this being New Zealand-themed, you pretty much have to love the national obsession, lamb. Bare Lil Lamb’s patty comes with blue cheese, mint jelly, and beets in a focaccia bun.

“Taste-wise, it’s the Kiwilango, outright winner.”

Original article by Ed Bedford, San Diego Reader, January 11, 2017.

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