Packing Guru Daan Dijkstra’s Top Travel Tips

New Zealander Daan Dijkstra who works as “pack master” at adventure shop Kathmandu says travellers constantly go over the luggage limit for no reason. He has revealed that countless travellers are constantly going over their luggage limit simply because they have a heavy case.

Dijistra, who has worked for 20 years in the industry, said: “I mean people will cut off half their toothbrush to shave a gram off but overall the bag they’re taking is actually a really heavy bag.

“You need to remember that the bag weight is included in the 7kg and often people choose bags that already weigh 2-3kg.”

He revealed that a recent tip from a friend has transformed how he travels.

He said: “Use packing cells. I can’t believe I ever travelled without them.

“You can divvy everything up into organised blocks, even if you’re not an organised person, the reality is that you do need to be a little bit organised when you travel.

“By just using four packing cells things are easier to find, you can separate clean clothes from dirty, dry from wet and they’re super light weight.”

Original article by Caroline McGuire, The Sun, June 28, 2017.

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