NZ’s Must-See Photography Locations

New Zealand boasts “some of the finest natural landscapes on Earth” and is a “paradise for photographers and nature lovers alike”, writes William Patino on his photography blog. In his blog post he outlines his Top 10 Must See Photography Locations.

1. Aoraki/Mt Cook Village
“Standing in the presence of Aoraki is a humbling experience,” writes Patino. He suggests walking the Hooker Valley track to the Hooker Lake – a great place for capturing the sunset. For sunrise he recommends to head over to the Tasman Lake.

2. Church of the Good Shepherd – Lake Tekapo
The Church of the Good Shepherd “nestled by the turquoise waters of Lake Tekapo is one of NZ’s most popular icons to shoot.”

3. Moke Lake – Queenstown
Moke lake, located a short drive from Queenstown is “perfect for shooting the aurora and looks extra special in winter when the peaks are covered in snow,” writes Patino.

4. Glenorchy
Glenorchy lies “worlds away from Queenstown’s energy.” “Here you will find yourself back in time in a simple and vastly beautiful town surrounded by valleys and peaks straight out of Lord of the Rings,” writes Patino.

5. Nugget Point – The Catlins
Sunrise amidst the dramatic cliffs and coastline at Nugget Point “is truly special as the sun rises from the depths of the sea below you making you feel as though you’re on the edge of Earth itself,” writes Patino.

To see his other five favourite NZ photography locations please click here.

Article Source: William Patino Photography, September 02, 2016

Image Source: Wikipedia

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