NYC-Based Designer Jenny Jiang on What Matters

Jenny Jiang is a New Zealand-born CGI designer and motion artist based in New York. Her artwork involves crafting visual worlds that explores aspects of surrealism, joy and storytelling in the form of beautiful dreamscapes. She is interviewed by Debbie Millman for an ongoing project at PRINT magazine titled “What Matters”.

“The first memory I have of being creative is imagining that the entire floor of my childhood living room was completely made from volcanic lava, and laying out air mattresses all over the floor so I can hop from mattress to mattress to couch in order to avoid touching the scorching hot lava,” Jiang says.

“I love my creativity, and I really like that I’m able to enjoy spending time with myself, doing things that I like such as exploring different places in New York, or watching a Broadway show by myself, which is something that I learned to do this year.”

Original article by Debbie Millman, PRINT, January 2, 2024.

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