New Zealanders Have High Sense of Meaning in Their Lives

83 percent of New Zealanders are highly satisfied with their lives while 87 percent feel a high sense of purpose or meaning in their lives, according to a recent survey conducted by Statistics New Zealand.

“It’s a complex picture, but without a doubt most New Zealanders say they’re doing pretty well, have enough money, have good health, and see family and friends”, said  Phillip Walker from  Statistics New Zealand.

Interestingly money did not seem to be the main indicator for satisfaction, but rather a combination of factors.

“Finances, social connections, health, and housing; If you’ve got those, you’re likely to be doing okay,” said Walker.

“If you’re not earning much, you are less likely to be satisfied with life. That satisfaction increases with income until 70,000 NZ dollars (51,212 U.S. dollars) a year, and after that the gains are much smaller.”

According to the results of the study older people were more likely to be satisfied with their lives than the younger generations. .

“Maybe that’s because they tend to be more financially secure, or have managed to achieve a good balance between work and play”, according to a New Zealand Statistics statement.

Article Source: Shanghai Daily, May 26, 2015.

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