New Zealand Stays 4th in the Women in Work Index

13 March 2014 – New Zealand has held on to fourth place in this year’s PwC Women in Work index; ranking higher than Australia (9th) and far higher than America (16th) and the UK (18th).

The index ranks all 27 countries in the OECD, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, in four key indicators of female economic empowerment: The proportion of women in work, equality of earnings in relation to men, the gap between female and male labour force participation and the proportion of women in full-time employment.

Although the ranking was largely unchanged since last year, New Zealand has continued to narrow the gender wage gap which is now at 4.22%, whereas South Korea, who took last place, has a gap of 37.5%.

Female unemployment in New Zealand is currently at 6.4% and although New Zealand’s number of female politicians is average at 32.2%, the number of women who hold senior management positions is up at 40%– a figure that is almost double that of Denmark (22%).

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