What New Zealand Can Teach the Rest of the World about Living Well

In The Huffington Post’s recent Living Well, On Location series, it was declared that New Zealand can teach a lot about “health, wellness and a happier lifestyle”.

“From their adventurous spirit to their pride in safety, there are plenty of reasons this small nation has won awards deeming it the best destination for nature, adventure and even the winner of a “favorite country in the world” award.”

New Zealand is lauded for its role as an adventure hotspot, its status as the most socially progressive country in the world, its embrace of indigenous culture, literacy and safety.

The New Zealand Herald spoke to kiwis following the publishing of the article, who all said there was something special about living in New Zealand.

Kimberley Bellas, 16, has travelled to South Africa, Europe and the US and said there was a different feel in New Zealand.

“Everyone here is definitely nicer and quite relaxed. Other places I’ve visited, it feels as if people are more stressed.”

She said the fact that many Kiwis were always close to nature – whether it be visiting the beach or living on the coast – may be a secret ingredient to that happiness.

Veena Modersohn, 16, whose grandparents migrated from Germany, said cultural diversity helped promote peace.

“We have so many immigrants and we’re generally accepting of different cultures.”

Among the locations also featured in the series are San Francisco, Boston and Seattle in the US, and France, England and Denmark – the latter regularly voted the world’s happiest country.

Original article by Abigail Wise for Huffington Post

Photo credit: ALAMY, The Telegraph

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