London-Based Finnegan Tui on His Unique Sound

New Zealand singer-songwriter and producer Finnegan Tui discusses his new nature-inspired EP Zephyr and how he developed his unique sound with Wonderland magazine journalist Britany Josephs.

“[Music is] a kind of meditation where I am communicating with myself in a language of emotion, beneath thoughts and words,” declares the London-based artist. The 22-year-old is shaking up the music industry with his hypnotic and entrancing melodies inspired by the natural world, Josephs writes.

From his hit single “Once I’m Gone” released in 2021 garnering an astounding 800,000 streams to his awe-inspiring single “Bones”, Tui is continually making it clear that his artistry is one of a kind. A playful criss-cross between folk heritage and techno-electronic sounds, Tui is ready to storm the world and we expect nothing but the best.

Original article by Britany Josephs, Wonderland, July 8, 2022.

Photo by Jakob Koz.

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