Kiwi Blogger Shares Travelling With Toddler Tips

In an amusing video popular Kiwi blogger How to Dad has shared his tips for travelling with a baby.

His clip, which has been viewed over 13,400 times, shows a variety of techniques from the ‘Reverse Front Pack’ to the ‘Classic Dad Shoulders’.

“Welcome to this instructional video on how to travel with a baby,” he introduces his video while his little girl wanders off.

“First rule is don’t lose the baby.”

The Kiwi dad then “popped her on his shoulders for the ‘Classic Dad Shoulders’ move as the little girl burst into a fit of giggles.”

He also demonstrates the standard front pack, “which no dad ever wants to wear out in public” as well as the ‘Dog on a Leash’ move, the ‘Running Dad’ and the “Find a Babysitter’ move.

One viewer wrote “This is so awesome! Cute and hilarious – more please!”

Article Source: Daily Mail, Laura House, May 25, 2016

Image Source: Youtube

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